Get a short introduction to all the Teachers, Bands, and DJs of the Regensburg Swing Exchange!


Sara Vianello & William Pisani (IT) – Lindy Hop

Sara William

Sara teaches Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, and Burlesque. She started Swing dancing in 2002 and attended many workshops with the greatest international teachers – including Frankie Manning! She also competed at many events like European Swing Dance Championships and ILHC.
Besides teaching at many workshops in Italy and Europe, she also organizes events with her own dancing school, the GiggleMugs Swing Dancers in Padua.

William started his dancing career in 2003, and is now a Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, and Solo Jazz instructor at his dance school Big Beat Dance Studio in Milan.
He is a member of the Italian National Team of Boogie Woogie and has won lots of international competitions. He taught in major events like Rock that Swing Festival, Boogie Bären Dance Camp, and Policoro in Swing, and concentrates now also on his professional Lindy Hop skills more and more.

Sara William Camp Hollywood

In September 2019, Sara and William won together the first places at the Amateur Lindy and Classic Lindy competition at Camp Hollywood in Los Angeles. Click on the pic to see them dancing there.
We are really happy to have Sara and William teaching together at our event again!

Gosia Aniolkowska & Michal Oblacinski (PL) – Collegiate Shag


When not fine tuning plans to take over the world, Gosia can be found on the dance floors all over Europe (… and abroad), realizing her new projects and creating dance adventures.
Gosia found Swing dancing whilst looking for a way to express her love of music and vintage style. Starting with Tap and Authentic Jazz, she quickly came to discover Lindy Hop, Balboa, St. Louis and Collegiate Shag. From these days, she has continuously trained, seeking inspiration by traveling around the world.
Together with her dear friend Marcella Olivieri, Gosia choreographed the Shag variation of the famous Shim Sham routine – the Shim Shag, uniting the Shag dancers with Swing dancers all around the World.
When teaching, Gosia focuses on connection, a strong foundation from which the character of each partner can find expression in individual style.


Michal fell in love with Lindy Hop in 2005 and has successfully launched the Swing dancing scene in Warsaw in 2009. Since then, he spent years sailing through the Swing-seas first learning then teaching the happiest of all dances in over 15 countries of the world.
When he discovered Collegiate Shag in 2014, he immediately started his efforts to spread it around Poland and Europe and support its global revival by teaching classes, workshops and organizing local and international events like the Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival. On a day-to-day basis Michal runs the SWINGOUT.PL Swing Dance Studio in Warsaw where he also teaches weekly Collegiate Shag and Lindy Hop classes.
In Swing dancing, Michal is looking for a perfect balance between technique, natural functional movement, comfortable connection, musicality and crazy, unstoppable explosion of endorphins!

Michal GosiaWe are so excited to have these two notorious Shaggers teaching and sharing their experience in Regensburg for the very first time! Click on the pic to see them shaggin’ together at RTSF with their friend Kasia.



Coniglio Connection (CH)

Coniglio ConnectionThis fabulous Swing band from Switzerland hops straight onto our Saturday night party stage!
Since 2017, Coniglio Connection excites the Lindy Hop and Swing dance scene with their fresh, joyful, and authentic live performances in their home country and Austria – and now also for the first time in Regensburg.
This sextette from St. Gallen is not a classic New Orleans Jazz band, and much less a big band. Regardless, with their instrumentation of clarinette, trombone and trumpet, piano, double bass and drums, these enthusiastic live musicians make the dancefloor swing!
Counting on Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and other greats of early Jazz and Swing, these guys complement their repertoire with very own adaptions and compositions as well – to prove that they truly can compete with bands of the golden era!Coniglio Connection 2

Ca Bouge! (DE)

Ca BougeThat’s moving! No question: when these five local musicians are on stage, it’s hard to keep still! Acoording to the credo “It don’t mean a thing if it got that swing”, Ca Bouge! interprets the classics of the Swing and Jazz genre.
Besides these, their programme also includes very danceable pieces from the so-called Jazz Manouche or Gypsy Swing, and it is obvious that the father of European (guitar) Jazz, Django Reinhardt, is the stylistic reference for this formation. In addition, the band’s programme also includes lesser-known pieces from American New Orleans Jazz. The whole thing is rounded off by some sensitive ballads and a possible excursion to South America in the world of Bossa Nova.
Ca Bouge! will play on Thursday for your delight welcome!

The See See Riders (DE)

The See See Riders are a band of four young musicians dedicated to American Blues, Roots, and String band music.
With resonator guitars, fiddle, and double bass, they take you on a trip to the muddy banks of the Missississippi river where the Blues was born, and further to New Orleans and all the other places where Ragtime, Swing, and Jug bands played for dancers on the streets, in juke joints, and dance barns.
With their groovin’ and stompin’ style, they form the perfect counterweight to Ca Bouge! and round off our musical journey on Thursday!




DJ Yeamon Kemp (ES)

Yeamon KempDJ Yeamon Kemp, Spaniard settled in Austria, brings some unforgettable tunes in his bag. Jazz fan since his teenage years and Lindy Hop dancer, he is often seen on the decks playing music both in the local scene and at international Swing festivals, such as Winter Black Swing Festival (Spain), Jive Swing (Croatia), or Shake the Change (Slovenia).
Besides the essential big band and Kansas City sounds, his sets often contain tracks that go as far as Hard Bop, trying to  encourage the dancers’ creativity. From Webb, Ellington and Basie to Garland or Mobley, every song must have a special groove – along with lots and lots of Swing.

DJ Mark Brooks (DE)

Mark BrooksResident DJ Mark Brooks is always on the quest for these very special “Swinging Sounds” that make the dancers smile and move their feet so easily over the dancefloor. For this, he plays not only classicalbig band Swing or (hot) Jazz sounds, but digs even more for danceble pieces in unusual genres like pre-war Blues or Western Swing. Not to forget his fable for Rhythm’n’Blues and danceable early Soul of the late 1940s, 50s and 60s.
As a Lindy Hop and Shag dancer, he organizes Swing dance events in Regensburg since 2013. With regular parties, he established the solid base for social Swing dancing for the growing community in Regensburg.

DJane Elli Limoni (DE)

Elli LimoniDJane Elli Limoni from Cologne cordially invites you to a “viaggio musicale” through the musical landscapes of the 1950s and 60s.
With a soft spot for tangy melodies from german realms, as well as hot rhythms from Bella Italia, the Miss serves an enchanting liaison on the turntables. Her music transforms every dance hall into a place of yearning for Vino and Gelato.
Her heartfelt wish is to bring joy to tutti ragazzi on the floor, until everyone claims: “evviva“, let‘s cut a rug!

DJ Chris Kaempfert (DE)

Playing exlusively on vinyl (and sometimes CD), DJ Chris Kaempfert  provides his great selection of  danceable Rhythm’n’Blues, Rock’n’Roll, and early Soul music to all on and off the dancefloor. As a local musician and DJ for now almost 20 years, he is very well known in Regensburg and beyond, and he does know very well what music to play for making you dance the night away according his motto “grab this… and dance!”