Prices and Registration

Options and Prices

Here are your options to take part in this year’s version of the Regensburg Swing Exchange.
You can get your „Full Taste“ Ticket including both Workshop and Evening Party, or you get single Tickets for just either the Workshop or the Party.

Non-Member Member
„Full Taste“ Ticket 55 € 40 €
Workshop Ticket 50 € 40 €
Party Ticket 8 € for free

As of now in early April 2022, „A taste of“ Regensburg Swing Exchange will be organized as an open event without any forms of vaccination or testing certificates. We trust on your own responsibility to respect the principles of an endemic or (post-)pandemic world. Chances exist that we will adapt to the entrance conditions – we will comply with governmental rules and measures at any time.
For more infromations, please read carefully our Registration Terms and Guidelines.

For now, social dancing at evening parties and switching partners during the workshop will be possible and completely free.  For those who do not feel comfortable social dancing with others, we allow you to create your own limitations and limit your dancing to a fixed partner/solo or your own smaller social circle, if wished at a designated zone.

We will give you a final update two weeks (or as soon as possible) before the event starts.

We want to assure a well balanced workshop experience, so in case you to register without dancing partner, you will be set on the waiting list until another single participant in the opposite role is registered.

And now it’s time to choose your very own Regensburg experience in the registration form below!

Registration Form

The registration is closed! Tickets for the Evening Party will be available at the door.

See you soon!