You will find all useful information for your registration for the Regensburg Swing Exchange 2023 below: Prices, General Information, and all necessary Workshop Information.

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We offer discounted Early Bird and regular Lazy Bird prices – so register early and save money!
Members of Swing in Regensburg e.V. get separate discounted prices, and so do confirmed volunteers (depending on their tasks).

Bundle Passes – Sold Out!

Early Bird
(until 12.03.)
Lazy Bird
(until 14.05.)
(all time)
Social Pass – Sold Out!
55 € 60 € 35 €
Full Pass Lindy – Sold Out!
180 € 195 € 110 €
Full Pass Shag– Sold Out!
180 € 195 € 110 €
Swing Brunch
(food incl., drinks excl.)*
25 € 25 € 25 €

*) The price of the Swing Brunch is excluding drinks. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan food will be served.

Please find the bundle passes and the included events in the table below.

Events Social Pass
Full Pass
Full Pass
All Daytime Events
(Brunch excl.)
All Evening Parties 
Taster Class
Special Class – The Shim Shag 
Lindy Hop Workshop Track
Collegiate Shag Workshop Track
Swing Brunch (optional addon) (✓)  (✓)  (✓)


Single Tickets

All Single Tickets are Lazy Bird tickets and only available after Early Bird period.
But be aware – some events might already be sold out before!  If you want to be safe, you might consider to get a bundle pass.

Tickets Lazy Bird
(13.03. until 14.05.)
(13.03. until 14.05.)
Welcome and Outdoor Dance free free
Thursday Party 20 € 10 €
Guided City Tour SOLD OUT! 5 € free
Friday Party SOLD OUT! 20 € 10 €
Saturday PartySOLD OUT! 25 € 15 €
Swing Brunch
(food incl., drinks excl., incl. Sunday Dance)**
25 € 25 €
Sunday Dance and Farewell SOLD OUT!
5€ free
Lindy Hop Workshop Track
(6 hours) – SOLD OUT!
145 € 70 €
Lindy Hop Friday Class
(2 hours) – SOLD OUT!
50 € 25 €
Lindy Hop Saturday Classes
(4 hours) – SOLD OUT!
100 € 50 €
Collegiate Shag Workshop Track
(6 hours) – SOLD OUT!
145 € 70 €
Collegiate Shag Friday Class
(2 hours) – SOLD OUT!
50 € 25 €
Collegiate Shag Saturday Classes
(4 hours)SOLD OUT!
100 € 50 €

**) The price of the Swing Brunch is excluding drinks. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan food will be served. The Sunday Dance is also included.



Get your official Regensburg Swing Exchange T-shirt!
We offer men’s / unisex and women’s shirts with our logo on the chest. The shirts are in vintage white (like the background color of the logo), and come in 100% certified cotton with a high quality multicolor screen print. For more details (sizing, …), please follow the links.

Pre-order your shirt directly during the registration process. We will also have a small batch of the shirts to sell directly at the festival – in case you can not decide yet.

T-shirts Regular Member
Men / unisex (S, M, L, XL) 20 € 15 €
Women (S, M, L, XL) 20 € 15 €


General Information

Ticket Availability

We absolutely love the idea of welcoming dancers from (almost) everywhere to spent the whole  weekend in our home town. And we want you to have an easy and joyful time at our Exchange.
For this reason, Full Passes and Social Passes covering the major part of the event will be offered at first. Tickets for fewer days or single events on the schedule will only be offered later (as long as the spots are not sold out before).
A certain batch of passes and single tickets is also reserved for our members.

So better do not hesitate and register soon for your very own Regensburg Swing Exchange experience!

Waiting List

We want to assure a well balanced social dance and workshop experience, so at first each registration is put onto the waiting list. In case you register with a dancing partner, you will get off the list easier.


Besides our Swing Exchange, there are some other major and minor events scheduled at the very same weekend in the city, like the Regensburg Marathon or the Maidult (traditional fair). Thursday is bank holiday and also Father’s Day, so lots of tourists usually flood the small streets of the old town during the long weekend – and also the hotels, hostels, airbnbs, etc.
This might be a good reason to look for a convenient accommodation rather sooner than later.

We also try to find a host for you if required. Please tell us in the registration form – either if you want to be hosted or you can offer some space for other participants – and we try to arrange the accommodation.


Workshop Tracks and Classes

You can choose between two parallel 6h workshop main tracks – either Lindy Hop or Collegiate Shag. Each track includes three 2h classes, where one class will be on Friday and the other two classes on Saturday. The classes will be in English.

In both tracks, the focus lies on useful social dance and fun topics. Each class has its own topic and adds even more fun to your personal dancing by showing you tips and tricks how to dance to the music with ease, the right flow, and coolness on the social dance floor.

Between and after the classes there is enough time to have lunch, water and coffee breaks, to chill out, and to have some chats, dances, and fun with other participants.

Switching between Workshop Tracks

We offer two separate main tracks (Lindy and Shag) in order to guarantee balanced classes and a convenient workshop experience. However, we understand if somebody wants to combine the two tracks, so we do offer the possibility to register for a special waiting list.
After chosing your main track during registration (Lindy or Shag), you can submit additionally for the switchers’ list. If there is a matching participant in the same role from the other track on that list, you can switch tracks for one 2h class. This is also possible when the Leader/Follower ratio in both tracks allows it.


Starting from a common ground dancing level as basic requirement, all participants of a workshop track go through the topics together step by step. As long as you match the basic skills for each track (see below), you will benefit from the classes by working on the same topic together with the other participants.

  • Lindy Hop: Intermediate and up
  • Collegiate Shag: Improver / Intermediate and up
  • Taster class and special class: Open level


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