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You can register one person per registration form. If you want to register more than one person, please fill in the form for each participant separately. If you have a partner, he/she has to register as well.
Please see also the applying Registration Terms and Guidelines.

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All emails concerning registration, payment and all other official information are sent via
So please do check your SPAM folder if you haven’t got any email or if you are still waiting for any confirmation or payment details.
If you have any trouble receiving mails, please do not hesitate to contact us.

BTW, please don’t forget to transfer the money in time as well (within 2 weeks after invoice date). Thank you!


Please enter your data. If you are registering someone else, please fill in the data of the participant.

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Please choose your very own Regensburg Swing Exchange experience!
For the workshops, you will be signed in with your main dance role chosen above.

The Tickets for the Parties on Friday and Saturday Party are SOLD OUT!

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The expected registration fee is the sum of your choices above.
After we have checked your registration, you will receive a separate e-mail with all payment details.

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In case you have a voucher from 2021, please fill in the voucher number below and we will take it into account. Your registration fee will be adjusted accordingly.