Registration Terms and Guidelines

General Terms and Conditions

  • After acceptence of your registration, the registration fee has to be paid within 14 days (unless we clearly state otherwise in an e-mail sent to you). If we do not receive your payment within 14 days, your registration will be cancelled.
  • For a valid registration as member of Swing in Regensburg e.V., the membership has to be confirmed prior to registration.
  • In case you can not attend, please send an e-mail to
  • Please understand that in case of a cancellation we can not refund already paid registration fee. You can transfer the registration to another partcipant in the same role, or you can donate the registration fee to the society Swing in Regensburg e.V. and get a donation receipt.
  • If you cannot attend the event it counts as a cancellation, no matter what the reason. So a cancelled flight, an injury, an illness, a sudden working weekend or anything else counts as a cancellation and the according terms are applied.
  • We cannot take any responsibility for your valuables or physical safety. Be careful – look out for yourself and for others as well!
  • The classes will be on wooden floor. Please help us build a good relationship with the owners by not wearing shoes that can damage the floor. Damage can come by wearing outdoor shoes (please just use your dance shoes) or by hard high-heeled shoes or tap-shoes. Even the black stripes that some shoes leave behind are often considered as damage by the owners.
  • You can smoke only at the designated smoking areas. Please ask the organizers about these locations.
  • We announce all lost & found properties on the web page within a month after the event finishes. We keep them for two weeks after the announcement. Contact us if you spot any of your lost items. We dispose all non-claimed items or offer them to non-profit organizations.
  • By participating at our events, you give your consent that we can use, modify and publish any photos, videos or other form of media where you might be included (visible and audible).
  • Personal data are only enquired and processed in order to prepare and run this event and will not be transferred to any other third party institution or person. The data will be deleted after this event.

Covid-19 Policies

  • We request that you follow the general hygiene measures:
    • Stay home if you have a sickness or cold!
    • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly, especially before and after class and in between dances.
    • Cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow or into a paper towel. Dispose of the papers immediately in a trash can.
    • Bring your own water bottle.
    • Always follow the instructions of the organization.
    • Inform us if you test COVID positive and have participated in one of our activities in the 7 days before!
  • We believe that the majority of dancers are up to date and conscious about the risk of their own and other people’s health. We expect that you do not join the festival if you are sick with the possibility of having and spreading Covid-19 at Regensburg Swing Exchange.
  • Participants are comprehensive of changes due to Force Majeure or constant changing regulations of the German Federal and Bavarian Government. We will always follow the most recent measures, which may affect safety requirements of the event. A final update will be available two weeks before the event starts.
  • We understand that legal situations and Covid-measures might change at any given moment.
    • If a participant is not allowed to travel due to government restrictions, we will offer a (partly) refund or pass transfer according to our refund policy.
    • In case we have to cancel the event ourselves due to force majeure we will organise a almost full refund (minus administrative fee of 5 €) or allow pass transfer after we have processed the request.
    • We will not be able to refund any other costs such as housing, transport and other expenses related to your planned visit to Regensburg Swing Exchange.

Code of Conduct

All participants have to respect the following Code of Conduct, which was put into this great infographic by The Holy Lindy Land.