People and Places

The Regensburg Lindy Exchange has been postponed to 2021!

Get a short introduction to all the Teachers, Bands and DJs, and Places of the Regensburg Lindy Exchange!


Sara Vianello and William Pisani (IT) – Lindy Hop

Sara is a Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, and Burlesque dancer and instructor from Padua, Italy. She started swing dancing in 2002 and attended many workshops with the greatest international teachers – including Frankie Manning! She also competed at many events like European Swing Dance Championships and ILHC. She is teaches many workshops in Italy and Europe, and she also organizes events with her own dancing school, the GiggleMugs Swing Dancers in Padua.
Sara William Camp HollywoodWilliam has started his dancing career in 2003, and is now a Boogie-Woogie, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Jazz Routine instructor at his dance school Benny’s Band in Milan, Italy. He is a member of the Italian National Team of Boogie Woogie and has won lots of international competitions. He taught in major events like Rock that Swing Festival, Boogie Bären Dance Camp, and Policoro in Swing, and concentrates now also on his professional Lindy Hop skills more and more.
In September 2019, Sara and William won together the first places at the Amateur Lindy and Classic Lindy competition at Camp Hollywood in Los Angeles.

See them dancing here:

Juls Singer and Sirom Cazzolli (AT/IT) – Collegiate Shag

Juls and Sirom got to know each other in autumn 2018 at a Shag Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria.

Juls und Sirom_Web

From then on, they discovered their common passion for Collegiate Shag and started to train on a regular basis. Traveling to various international festivals, they gained more and more experience and were able to refine their dancing skills. This made it possible for them to achieve a very large repertoire of different moves and styles. Their regular training helped them understand more precisely what is important in the communication between leads and followers.
That’s why Juls and Sirom focus their teaching primarily on the technique of Shag dance and not on moves only. It’s important for them to pass on the skills that are hidden behind the various moves and how to put them into practice, so that Shag becomes a more relaxed and smooth dance for all Shag addicts. Solid technique thus opens up innumerable possibilities.
Recently, they started to teach beyond Innsbruck and are really looking forward to spreading the enthusiasm of Collegiate Shag around the world!

See them shaggin‘ here:

tbd –  Lindy Hop

More teachers tba.



Andis Bluesorchester (DE)

Pre-War Blues, Boogie and Ragtime sound until the walls shake – the Bluesorchester sounds like a locomotive steaming through the heat of the Mississippi Delta.
Having already recorded their third album, this Blues and String Band gathered around Andreas Unter revives the Mississippi Flair of the pre-war time with the dirty and groovy sound from the 1920s‘ and 1930s‘ Juke Joints and Dance Barns. Without loosing authenticity, they play their very own and extremely danceable Bluesorchester style.

Rufus Temple Orchestra (DE)

The Rufus Temple Orchestra is a Hot Jazz Band formed by one lady and five gentlemen from Berlin who are passionate about that early traditional jazz which was born in New Orleans around 1920.
Praised by their audiences for their unique fusion of an authentic vintage sound, their exquisite 1920’s aesthetics and their joyous vibe the Rufus Temple Orchestra always leaves behind cheerful hearts and dancing feet. After only few years of existence they are already a sweetheart of the Berlin swing dance community and look back on numerous Concerts in Clubs and on Swing Dance Festivals.



DJ Swingy the Kid (DE)

Playing exclusively on vinyl and shellac, DJ Swingy the Kid aka André Bolzmann from Hamburg/Cologne provides his great selection of Swing, Rhythm’n’Blues and Jump Blues music to all on and off the dancefloor. As dancer, event organizer, and regular DJ at international dance events around Europe, he knows very well what music to play for making you dance the night away.
And on top, he will share his expertise in Swing’n’Roll music at the Musicality Taster Class on Friday!

DJane Elli Limoni (DE)

DJane Elli Limoni cordially invites you to a „viaggio musicale“ through the musical landscapes of the 1950s and 60s.
With a soft spot for tangy melodies from german realms, as well as hot rhythms from Bella Italia, the Miss serves an enchanting liaison on the turntables. Her music transforms every dance hall into a place of yearning for Vino and Gelato.
Her heartfelt wish is to bring joy to tutti ragazzi on the floor, until everyone claims: „evviva“, let‘s cut a rug!

DJ mc²=Evariste (ES/AT)

mc²=Evariste, Spaniard settled in Austria, brings some unforgettable tunes in his bag. Let’s stomp our feet to the rhythm of the most vernacular Hot Jazz and Blues, the grandiosity of the Big Bands, and the classiest Swing. At some point… he may surprise us with younger (but always groovy) Jazz.
Be prepared, he is gonna make you bounce non-stop.

DJ Swingheini (DE)

DJ Swingheini aka Heinrich Hess is – together with Anna Werr – the co-founder of their dancing school Elephant Swing and thus of the Traunstein dancing scene. Teaching regular classes and organizing parties and workshop events, he always has the right music for all kind of dancers.

DJ Mark Brooks (DE)

For six years now, resident DJ Mark Brooks aka Mark Becke organizes Swing dance events in Regensburg. With regular events like the monthly party The Swinging Sounds of the Tiki Beat! or the Swing’n’Blues parties, he established the solid base for social Swing dancing for the growing Lindy Hop and Shag scene in Regensburg, and with his co-foundation of the Swing in Regensburg society in 2017, the idea of organizing a Lindy Exchange was the logical consequence.



Tiki Beat Bar & Club

TB-LogoThe Tiki Beat is exactly the place where the revival of Swing music and Lindy Hop dancing in Regensburg has started in 2013. Since then, the monthly event The Swinging Sounds of the Tiki Beat! by resident DJ Mark Brooks offers not only to Swing enthusiasts the opportunity to dance, socialize and enjoy hot Jazz and Swing music whilst sipping exotic drinks in a Tiki Bar atmosphere.

Google Maps: Tiki Beat Bar & Club, Arnulfsplatz 4, 93047 Regensburg


DeggingerThe Degginger is a fusion of an medieval patrician house and a modern urban location dedicated for networking, readings, and concerts. So this is the ideal place for our parties on Friday and Saturday, since the Swing’n’Blues event is already an established concert and dance party!
The team of the same-titled Cafe and Bar serves excellent coffee, cakes, lunch, and tender bar drinks. And, of course, Sunday Brunch for swinging people!

Google Maps: Das DEGGINGER, Wahlenstraße 17, 93047 Regensburg

Dance Studio

Our Dance Studio is located directly in the city center in the Pustetpassage. It’s a little bitty hidden one, directly besides the Paletti Bar, and we share it with the dance school Tango im Fluß, so this is what the sign over the door says.
Underneath the passage, we have enough room for the Shag and Taster Classes.

Google Maps: Tango im Fluß, Gesandtenstraße 6 (Pustetpassage), 93047 Regensburg

Sports Hall

The Sports Hall is little north of the danube river, a 20 minute walk away from the Degginger or the City Center. The Lindy Hop workshops take place here.
There are several spots where you can get your lunch directly there or in a few meters distance.

Google Maps: Sportgemeinschaft Walhalla e.V., Am Holzhof 1, 93059 Regensburg