Regensburg Lindy Exchange 2021 – Registration Refund

Dear participants of the Regensburg Lindy Exchange,
Dear fellow dancers,

After one year of the pandemic, we now face the situation that a return to a normal dancer’s live still seems far, far away.

Observing the situation, we finally came to the conclusion that we are still unable to host our Regensburg Lindy Exchange as planned this year. It seems impossible to maintain the cozy and familiar atmosphere and at the same time to follow the necessary guidelines and restrictions that will prevent further spreading of this harmful disease.

So, we sadly have to tell you that the

Regensburg Lindy Exchange 2021 has to be cancelled

due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

But this is definitely not the end!

The next Regensburg Lindy (and Shag) Exchange will hopefully take place in a safer, healthier, and easier world of 2022!!!

We are already working on the Exchange plans for next year, and also on smaller events for the end of this year. However, since we cannot foresee the development of the pandemic situation, we have decided not to postpone the whole schedule once more – but to make a clean sweep and setup a completely new event for next year.

Please see all your options regarding your registration below:

  • Get a (partial) refund of your registration fee
    We will refund the major part of your registration fee. But due to this extraordinary situation, we have to retain an administrative fee of 20%, minimum 5,00 €, to cover already paid expenses (please see also our Registration Terms and Guidelines, paragraph 4).
  • Get a discount for your next registration (in any case)
    You will get in any case a one-time discount equal to the retained administrative fee for your next registration for any event, class or workshop by Swing in Regensburg e.V. (valid until end of 2023).
  • Support us and our artists
    In case you want to contribute a bigger portion or the whole registration fee to help us and our artists, we will be honored to retain more than the administrative fee according to your generosity.

Please use only the form below to send us your feedback with all necessary information until 30.04.2021.
Thank you for your understanding for this procedure.

We are looking forward to restarting everything and to welcoming you to a completely new Regensburg Lindy and Shag Exchange. All information will be shared on our website and on facebook.

Stay healthy, take care, and keep on swinging!

Your Swing in Regensburg team

Refund and Support Form

  • You can submit the information how to proceed with your registration fee for only one participant per form. If you want to send us the informaton for more than one participants, please fill in the form for each participant separately.
  • In case of a refund, please fill in your address and the bank account, to which the money should be refunded, carefully. We try to refund the money within two or three weeks after receiving your feedback. Thank you for your patience!
  • Fill in all your data carefully and check it twice before submitting – especially your e-mail address and bank account!
  • To prevent any data missuse, please do not share or publish this form or website. Thank you!
  • Please see also the applying Registration Terms and Guidelines